Swift School of Pharmacy is a Co-educational Pharmacy Institution which is committed to innovative learning  methodologies and cultivation of practical skills while adhering a academic quality. The institute is promoted by a leading Pharmaceutical group IND-SWIFT Ltd.  Swift School of Pharmacy provide UG and PG courses namely B. Pharmacy and M. Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology ,both the courses are  approved by Govt. of Punjab, AICTE/PCI, New Delhi  and affiliated to Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University, Bathinda.

With the phenomenal rate of advances in the pharmaceutical industry, the health sector has thrown open a sea of opportunities for pharmacy professionals. Pharmacists work in a wide variety of health care settings, some of these highlighted as under

1) Production & Manufacturing: The Pharmacy graduates can work in pharmaceutical industry as manufacturing chemists in Bulk drug & intermediates or formulations and dosage forms production. Cosmetics or dental products etc. Production of biological & biotechnological products, surgical dressings, medical devices & equipment, ayurvedic/ homoeopathic / unani medicines also involve the presence of pharmacy professionals in its production.

2) Marketing: To promote their formulations pharmaceutical companies hire pharmacy professionals who had the knowledge of the medicines/ formulation and also marketing skills

3) Research & Development: To design and formulate a new dosage form the pharmaceutical industries set up Research and development, where pharmacy graduates/post graduates work to invent new dosage form or to redesign a previously existing dosage form

4) Community Pharmacy : Community pharmacy is not only a profession but a service to the community by the registered pharmacist ,this include retail and wholesale pharmacy along with working as an hospital pharmacist. The pharmacist perform various duties under community pharmacy, counseling the patients regarding the use of the drugs and dosage forms ,Providing up-to-date information on drugs/dosage forms to the patients and maintaining patient records & history

5) Academics

Excellent opportunities for the professionals are available in teaching profession also. As per the A.I.C.T.E. norms the minimum entry-level qualification as lecturer is M.Pharm. This is a profession associated with job satisfaction and social status as teaching is considered to be noble profession. The higher posts in the hierarchy and Sr. Lecturer, Reader, Asst. Professor, Professor, Principal etc. The emoluments are satisfactory.

Besides teaching Academic related opportunities involve positions on Research Posts and Training programs

6) Consultancy

Now day’s pharmacists are providing consultancy to various pharmaceutical companies in the following areas, Regulatory Affairs – Documentation – Approvals – Manufacturing Processes – Analytical Series – Research – Market Surveys & Sales Promotion – Information Retrieval – Data Management etc.

7)  Opportunities Abroad

Golden opportunities galore for qualified Pharmacy professionals in various courtiers including the U.S.A., Canada, European Countries like U.K., France, Germany, African Countries like South. Africa, Nigeria, Yemen, Gulf Countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South East Asian Countries like Singapore, Korea, Japan, etc. and the Australian Continent including New .Zealand.

Due to these career opportunities pharmacy profession is considered as a noble and upcoming profession in the world. This profession gives an opportunity to earn as well as serving the society.


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