Which is Better BBA or B.Com for MBA

Getting a bachelor degree is considered a good career move and often it is minimum qualification one should have to get any job.This can be correct for many cases but can be incorrect for others. So if you plan wisely, you can get into apt career path which will lead you to the gates of success.

That is why it is important to give a thought while selecting a course. Remember all your upcoming life relies on it. So you should know what capacities, capabilities and aptitude you have and this will help you to learn best and do well in the career you are opting. You require certain skills to land into best institutions and you need to enhance if you lack.

bba carrer

Most of the students get into commerce stream with zero knowledge of what it includes. On the other hand, if management is your only goal, then both BBA as well as B.Com will lead to MBA, but still it requires a serious thought about the subjects you are intersted in studying.

Yes, the lines above written are true. But the difference here in both the streams are B.Com can lead to a wide array of post graduate specializations while a BBA degree can only lead to MBA.

But don’t just make any decision in haste because neither of them is a bad option. You should act smartly. Take an aptitude test while in school, collect information about both the courses, plan your career path and then take the decision confidently..

The Bachelor of Commerce is designed to improve the ability to learn as the students study variety of subjects.This course provides one with the logical, communication and problem-solving abilities to efficiently recognize issues, source information and to find resourceful and useful solutions.

After B.Com the students can avail exciting and diverse post graduate opportunities like MBA, LAW, International studies, Designing/Merchandising, MBE, M. Com, Finance, Economics etc which will set them apart from the crowd and prepare them for success in the global marketplace.

On the other hand Bachelor of Business Administration is a professional course and offered at few universities or institutes. Choosing the right institute plays a amajor role to landing up in a good job. Students obtain useful experience, study given materials, attend seminars, plan an internship report. They are also given many opportunites and promoted to attend various workshops and conferences.

After BBA the students can get into Marketing, Human Resource, General Management, and Finance etc. This course, however, hampers the students from other postgraduate study opportunities.

However, if you decide a career based exclusively on your “wish”, and Not on your “strengths”, then you have already stepped into a trouble.This will only increase the chances of leading a miserable and stressed life. While making a decision for your career you should keep your aptitude,personality as well as interst in your mind.To know this clearly, one can take aptitude or personality test and get career guidance from a counselor to build the right career path.



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