Tips to Increase Concentration

The ability to increase concentration or focusing attention on specific goals will improve our mental abilities and in turn improve confideour quality of life. In our daily life we are constantly bombarded with sensory impressions. Our brain must decide what is important for us that need to be stored, and what is not that should be discarded. If we are not focused, our attention span is scattered on many different things and this will be reflected in our brain. The activities in the brain will also be scattered throughout the brain and no lasting impression will be made.Tips to Increase concentration

The most successful people in all walks of life; scientist, athletes, actors, teachers, entrepreneurs or any other successful person always have one thing in common; they know what they want and they have a single minded focus to achieve their goal. By focusing on their goals, all their energy and efforts are concentrated on the tasks that move them closer towards their goal.

The ability to focus will help us know what we need to do but more importantly we will also know what not to do.

Here are Tips to Increase Concentration and Improve Your Quality of Life.

1. Have a specific goal that you want to achieve. If it is a monetary goal, state exactly the amount that you want to have, do not say I want more money. If it is a job, state the exact position or type of work. Set a deadline when you want to achieve it.

2. Have a reason why you must achieve it. This is the most important part that you have to come up with, the more compelling the reason the more likely you will achieve it.

3. Belief that you will achieve it and stay focused on it. You must be absolutely certain that you will achieve it. Make it a Must.

4. Make a Plan – How will you get there? List all the tasks that you need to take to move closer to your goal. Also list the things that you will not do, things that will distract you from achieving your goal.Be more purposeful.

5. Action – Break down the Plan into monthly, weekly and daily action plans. Set aside a specific time and take at least one action a day that brings you closer to your goal. Faith without action will get you nowhere.

6. Review – Review it at least on a monthly basis, longer than that means you will stray too far from your goal. Make necessary adjustment in the plan or actions, but stick to your compelling goal.

7. Enjoy the process – Setting a goal and working towards it will be more fulfilling if you enjoy the process of doing it. If you are married, do not forget your family, get them involved and their support will make achieving it much more rewarding

If you are looking for an answer on how to increase concentration and memory power, these simple effective techniques will help to push you towards your goal. Make these simple changes permanent habits, and you will be happily amazed by the great strides your brain will take in both your ability to concentrate as well as your capacity to store and remember facts


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