Career & Technical Education

Education is of numerous sorts. There is, for instance, the arts education, the scientific education, the religious education, the physical education, the education of education. In India, as in different nations, much stress has been laid on the advancement of technical education since independence.

India’s economic ills are sought to be overcome through a process of industrialization for which, thus, technical education and specialized training is very essential. At the end of the day, technical education is a vital prelude to India’s developing future. Technical education in Punjab is leading the way. The extent of technical education is extremely exhaustive. It includes within itself all subjects of study in engineering and technology. Civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mining engineering, aeronautical engineering, metallurgical engineering, industrial engineering, chemical engineering, agricultural engineering, production engineering, and a host of other fields of engineering form part of technical education.Swift Technical Institute

Correspondingly, there are different subjects in engineering, to be specific, leather technology, paint and varnish technology, food technology, fuel technology, marine technology, textile technology, and so on  which are within the purview of technical education or specialized training. Provided that specialized training is given on right lines, India’s industrial backward­ness could be evacuated. India owns unlimited natural resources, which can be gainfully utilised. Iron and steel industry has got an incredible scope for further development. With the assistance of Russia, Germany and different nations various steel plants have been set up in India.

Next, technical education is fundamentally important for an agricultural nation like India. It can give her the most recent implements to improve the state of the workers. An alternate extraordinary point of interest of specialized training is that it makes people practical and methodical. Their bookish information is supplemented by specialized training. It makes them thorough. Technical education to our future generation will go far in taking care of the issue of unemployment.

Purely literary education or abstract training has so far furnished the learned class for different clerical and administrative jobs and a couple of alleged studied callings. The approach worked well when colleges were few and the number of candidates turned out every twelve months was little. At the same time now, as the amount of young men who move on from year to year surpasses the force of government to retain them, the number of the knowledgeable unemployed is ever on the increment. Under these circumstances it is most fundamental that technical and vocational education be given to our young men. Lastly, however not of the least advantage of imparting technical education to our young men will be that they will grow practical and realistic.

A large number of technical institutions have been opened; Punjab technical education is taking an especially strong turn. We have huge Projects and our industries have to be developed at the greatest possible speed. We need a large number of highly technical hands for such heavy key industries as ship­building, locomotives, and automobiles, manufacturing and chemical.

There are both diploma and degree courses. Post-graduates and research training is also imparted. There are numerous colleges for engineering. Polytechnics have likewise been set up everywhere in India. For the improvement of higher technical education the swift group of colleges has been set up in Punjab. It looks to the development of scientific and technical education and research


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