About SGOC

Swift Group Of Colleges(SGOC) promoted by Ind-Swift Group, based in Chandigarh. Ind-Swift is one of India’s largest manufacturers of high growth multisegment pharmaceutical finished doses and is India’s No.2 ranked generic company. Ind-Swift ranked 419 out of top 500 fortune companies in India by India Today. Ind-Swift got Pharma Pulse Award for three consecutive years for fastest growing and most promising pharmaceutical company. The registered office of the society is located at Ghaggar Sarai, Rajpura, Distt-Patiala (Punjab), India.

Swift Group of Colleges

SGOC is spreading Education in all streams especially targeting medical and health care industry in all parts of country with start up from Punjab. To improve health sector education, SFRES will work with educational institutions and industry and promote the value of the professional health care and other education to the society. Ind-Swift Ltd is firming up its plans to develop deemed university in Punjab, India.

Swift Group Of Colleges started SION , SSP as founder colleges followed by SIOM , SIET and the latest addition as SIOH.


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